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As you neared one month aboard the Enterprise, you became more familiar with the ship’s new interior. You figured after being blown up again and again, the ship was constantly being redone and upgraded. McCoy helped you become familiar with the ship and crew again. A few days of each week, you were invited to his quarters after dinner. You two got through a bottle of whatever he had stockpiled as you caught up on each other’s lives.

The ship had not run into any harsh situations. You knew of a few missions where Jim, Leonard, and Spock had gone down to a planet’s surface but there was little to no conflict on those missions. You got to hear about all the “god damn antics” Jim and Spock pulled on their missions from McCoy.

As for your work in medical bay, you were often the medical officer while McCoy was on these missions or taking care of Jim. While there wasn’t much work to do since they had not run into any real danger yet, you made sure all the reports were finished and all of medical bay was stocked. Since the nurses found out you and McCoy knew each other, they decided to tell you stories about him while he was away. These ranged from him getting smashed and locking himself out of his office to letting all the nurses get a great view of Jim’s ass while Jim reluctantly got his vaccines.

One night, while you and McCoy were about halfway done with a bottle of something very strong, you brought up his ex-wife. You were friends with him while he was married to her, and it was never obvious to you what happened between them. You thought the best time to ask would be while he’s had a little to drink.

“Well, she took everythin’ and left. There’s not much to say there. An’ I really wish I could be respectful to her but honest to god, (y/n), she’s the biggest bitch I ever met. But she’s watchin’ our daughter while I’m away. At least she lets me see her.”

“How is your daughter? I haven’t seen her since she was barely learning how to walk.”

“She’s amazin’. She’s 6 now, top of her class. Then again, I bet every parent says that about their first grader.”

“Time really does—“

Your response was cut short as the Enterprise lurched and brought you and McCoy down. The bottle and glasses slid off the table and shattered on the ground. You felt the shattered pieces of glass hit your face.

“What the fuck?” McCoy asked. A red light started flashing by the door, meaning the Enterprise was in extreme danger.

“Attention, I need all personnel to their stations. I repeat, all personnel to their stations. Commander Spock and Doctor McCoy to the bridge.”

Jim’s voice echoed through the Enterprise. McCoy groaned and helped you up from the ground. Your leg cramped and gave out under your weight. Luckily you caught the table in time to stop yourself from falling.

“You alright (y/n)?” he asked.

“It’s fine, just get to the bridge. I got Med bay covered.”

Your grimace didn’t convince McCoy, and in any other situation, he would give you hell for it. But the Jim needed him on the bridge. He helped you out into the hallway and parted ways with you there.

Your pain wasn’t going to stop you from getting to Med bay. Although it was a painful trip, you made it. Nurses were running around, already receiving injured crew members. You helped the best you could, seeing the crew members with more serious injuries.

Person after person, you listened to their cries, screams, and moans. You took pieces of debris as large as your hands out of crew members and stitched them up to the best of your abilities. The ship still jerked; you could hear explosions nearby. The ship seemed to be holding up well enough, but you still worried that this would be your last day on the Enterprise. The pain in your leg was dulled by the adrenaline. The red lights still flashed above, which occasionally became your only source of light.

You didn’t know how long it had been before the explosions stopped. The Enterprise leveled out, and for the first time, you were relieved to hear Jim’s voice over the intercom.

“The danger has been eliminated. We are three days away from the nearest Starbase, so that’s where we’ll be heading. Just sit tight.”

With a sigh of relief, you took the next crew member. Although the ship is not in any more danger, there was still a steady flow of incoming injured crew members. You hoped that McCoy would be back soon. Your hands were starting to cramp and your head starting to pound. The pain in your leg became sharp as the adrenaline wore off.

“What do we got here?” You heard McCoy’s voice and looked up from your stitching to see him with a nurse and another patient. As much as you wanted to go to him—to find comfort in him—you needed to finish working on the members.

Hours of blood and sweat later, you had finally finished. Your only comfort was hearing your friend’s voice nearby. The crew members took up all of the beds, chairs, and makeshift cots you had. Your limp was unapparent to you until you walked into McCoy’s office.
“Are you hurt?” McCoy asked, attempting to help you into a chair.

“No, it’s fine.”

“That ain’t fine darlin’.”

You slumped into the chair and sighed.

“This is from a while ago, nothing I can’t handle.”

It took McCoy a while to remember what had happened to you so many years ago.

“Dammit, (y/n), what happened to ya?”

“You know what happened.”

“Not the whole thing,” he looked distressed, resting his elbows on his desk, “You left after that. I didn’t hear from you at all.”

“Listen, you know what’s in the reports. That’s all that happened. I’m sorry I didn’t contact you, I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

You didn’t like remembering what happened to you five years ago. It was more than just an injury; it was torture. You couldn’t think about the Enterprise for a year afterwards. Flashbacks plagued you almost every night. No medication really helped—not that you actively took it anymore. Your only friend on the ship had seen worse, and you knew that. You couldn’t let him know that you had to leave after what happened to you.

“Disappoint me? What the hell are you talkin’ about?”

“Leaving after just an injury? I couldn’t step back on this ship but I didn’t want you knowing I’m that weak.”

McCoy looked at you, confused and hurt. You weren’t sure what to say, and you could see that he wasn’t either.

“That isn’t weak. There’s more to this that you aren’t tellin’ me. But we’ve had a long day so get some rest. I’ll finish some of the paperwork.”

You left without saying goodbye. The halls were a mess; wires poked out of the walls and sparks were flying out of the oddest places. You were relieved to see that most of the cabins, including yours, had gone unscathed.

That night—or day, you weren’t really sure what time it was and you didn’t care to check—you couldn’t sleep. Explosions flashed through your head, ones fresh in your mind and ones five years old. You twisted and turned as the memories replayed themselves over and over. The heaviness in your chest and the stabbing pain in your thigh brought you out of bed. You did the only thing you could in this situation: drink.

McCoy looked up from his PADD. He had been doing reports for almost three hours. He didn’t realize that the Gamma shift had come and their medical officer had been seeing patients. His weariness burned in his eyes, but he refused to go to sleep. This day had been one of the worst days he’d seen. He was just grateful they made it out alive.

One thing was bugging him and that was you. He read your reports when the incident first happened; he still had it on file. He read it after he finished his reports and there was nothing indicating that there was more to it. But he knew you, he knew there had to be more. You were dedicated to the stars. An injury like that, although traumatic and long-term, would not have stopped you from your dreams. Yet you disappeared from the Enterprise, and from him, for five years.

McCoy picked up his PADD and left his office, nodding to the Gamma shift members as he left. He wasn’t going to his room; he was going to check on you. He knew you wouldn’t tell him everything, but you looked like you were in pain when you left.

You heard a knock on your door. The liquid in your glass dripped as you tried to get up with it in hand. You didn’t notice it. You were met with the tired face of McCoy.

“Do ya have a radar or somethin’ that can sense when people are drinkin’?” you slurred.

“Alright,” he said, taking the glass out of your hand, “That’s enough, (y/n). You need sleep.”

He set the glass down on your table and guided you to your bed. The sheets were balled up in a corner from your tossing.

“I can’t sleep. It hurts.”

You plopped down on the edge of your bed, frowning. McCoy crouched down in front of you and pushed the sweat soaked hair out of your face.

“Why does it hurt?”

“My leg feels like shit. And I keep thinkin’ of the explosions, and the torture and my chest starts hurtin’.”

He didn’t think to question that now. You were obviously in a lot of pain.

“Would it help if I stayed with you?” He asked. He probably had an extra blanket he could throw on the ground to sleep on.

“Yes…” you said, feeling defeated. You didn’t want him to know about your nightmares.

“Alright, darlin’ I’ll be right back, I’m gonna get somethin’ I can sleep on.”

You were confused. “Where’s my bed?” You quickly turned around to see that you were sitting on it.

“I thought you were stayin’ with me. My bed’s right here.”

He didn’t want to argue with you, even though he could see you had been sweating a lot.

“Okay, (y/n).”

He took off his uniform shirt and started to unravel your sheets.

“That’s a good idea,” you said, staring at McCoy’s black undershirt. You proceeded to try to take off your dress, only to get stuck in it.


You could hear his sigh and feel his hands help you take your dress off. You were wearing a small pair of shorts and a sports bra underneath.


You smiled and fell back onto the bed. McCoy covered you up and slipped onto the other side. He tried to give you your space, but you turned around and threw your arm and leg over him. Shortly after you started snoring. He hoped you would be okay. Hopefully tomorrow would be better.
'Back' Reader/McCoy Part 2
I keep getting my stories mixed up I'm going to have to come up with a reaaallly good one next time
After four weeks docked at the Starbase, the Enterprise was back in perfect condition. Medical supplies were now abundant, and the overall mood of the crew was almost back to normal. You resumed your normal shifts in Med Bay once the ship left the Starbase. Many of the injured crew members who were coming back for check-ups or complications had completely healed and brought Med Bay back to its normal, empty state.

As for your ‘friendship’ with Commander Spock, you have had small conversations occasionally with him. He seemed to be doing not only his paperwork, but the work Captain Kirk was neglecting as well. Spock still found time to catch up with you on your walk back to your room after your shifts, or to see you while he brought reports (or Captain Kirk) to Med Bay for Dr. McCoy.

A few days after the Enterprise had left the Starbase and continued the journey through space, Commander Spock brought Captain Kirk down to Med Bay for his extremely overdue physical.

“Dammit, Jim, you know I need to turn your physical in!”

“Why do they need my physical anyways? What are they gonna do when we’re this far from Earth?”

Dr. McCoy only sighed. You watched through the open door of Dr. McCoy’s office, your PADD in hand in case they saw, as Spock proceeded to explain to Captain Kirk the necessity of his physicals. You continued to organize some supplies nearby. It was amusing to you how Captain Kirk and Spock were so close, yet they are total opposites. This caused some pretty amusing arguments between them.

“Hey, (y/n)!” Captain Kirk called and motioned you into the office. You set your PADD down on the nearest shelf and entered the office.

“Do you think it’s really necessary to have a physical done this often?”

Without hesitation you answered, “Yes.”

The captain looked at you in defeat. He supposed you would save him, but you agreed with Dr. McCoy and Spock. After all, you were a nurse.

“Come on Jim,” Dr. McCoy said, gripping the captain’s arm and yanking him out of the office. Spock offered to help, but the doctor declined his offer.

“(y/n), I have been meaning to talk to you. I would like to invite you to a game of chess after dinner tonight.”

“Sounds great,” you smiled, “I’ll see you then.”

“Very well.”

You left the room ahead of Spock, but as you stepped back into Med Bay, your foot caught the edge of something and brought you down. You had no idea how you managed to trip over what seemed to be nothing, but before you could think about your act of clumsiness, you were yanked from your forward tumble. Spock’s arm was around your waist and the other gripped the doorway that prevented him from falling too. Once you caught your balance, Spock let go. You knew you were turning the same color as the red shirts.

“I am so sorry, I don’t know how I tripped.”

“No apology necessary, it is quite all right.”

You didn’t see it, but the tips of Spock’s ears turned green. You were focused on trying to keep what cool you had left.

“Thank you, Commander.”

“I believe the Terran phrase used is ‘no problem’.”

You couldn’t help but giggle at Spock’s use of the earth phrase. You said your goodbyes and tried to find something to pass the time until chess with Spock.

Your afternoon was uneventful. No fights had broken out in Engineering, no missions with injured or sick crew members, no science experiments gone wrong, nothing. Dr. McCoy had the chance to finish most of his reports that he had been behind on. He even caught up with some physicals and psych evaluations. That left you and Nurse Chapel to talk about anything that came to mind.

Finally, as dinner time rolled around, you were relieved of your duties for the night. You walked with Nurse Chapel to the cafeteria, where most of the day crew had already begun eating. It was easy to spot the Captain, Spock, and Dr. McCoy. They were usually the loudest. You decided to sit with your roommate and Chapel today, since you would see Spock after dinner anyways.

“Soo…” your roommate grinned, “How are things with Commander Spock?”

Christine gasped, “You didn’t tell me you two were a thing?”

You quickly hushed her. “We’re not! We’re friends. Well, friends on his terms.”

“But you’re totally gonna get some,” your roommate said. Your face reddened to the shade of the tomatoes in your salad. Christine laughed along with her while you tried to keep your face from getting even more red.

“Oh come on, I’m joking with you. So what are you doing after this?”

“Playing chess with Commander Spock.”

Your roommate giggled, “Chess…” she suggested, using air quotations.

“Stop it!” This time you couldn’t help but laugh along with them. You finished your dinner, happy to be on another subject through the rest of it. As you were finishing up, Commander Spock walked over to your table. His hands were held behind his back as he spoke.

“(y/n), would you like to accompany me to my quarters for the chess game?”

You caught the suggestive look both of your friends gave you, and by the raised nature of Spock’s eyebrow, he did too.

“Sure thing, Commander.”

You grabbed your tray and tossed the food. Spock waited patiently for you to walk with him. You wondered if you even had a chance against the Vulcan at chess. Probably not, but it would be fun trying.

You followed him, having no clue where his quarters were. Once you were on a different level and heading down a hallway, you realized that his room is almost across the ship from yours. He still walks with you there every chance he gets. But why?

As you rounded a corner in the hallway, a group of men from Engineering were walking the opposite direction. You didn’t think anything of it until you heard a “hey baby” and a whistle from two of the men in the group. You looked down and kept walking. It didn’t take you long to realize that you were no longer next to Commander Spock. When you turned around, you saw Spock had the two men’s collars in his hands.

“The next time you perform any act of sexual harassment on this ship, I will make sure your days on his ship and in Starfleet are over. Do you understand, ensigns?”

His voice was lower and more threatening than usual. You were still relieved, the harassment on the Challenger had been way worse, but there were fewer women overall on the ship. Spock returned after the men had practically run off. He did not say anything about what just happened.

“I-I’m sorry,” you sighed. You were grateful that Spock was there for you, but you didn’t want him to feel like he had to do that because you told him your story.

“There is no apology needed,” he stopped and opened the door to his quarters, “shall we play a game of chess?”
Spock/Reader 'Sorry' Part 4
Since this is one that people have been asking for for months... I promise, the next one I plan to be reaaallly fluffy you're gonna love it.
New Years Eve on the Enterprise was bittersweet for many of the crewmembers. Many celebrated the fact that they haven’t been killed yet on the five year mission. The thoughts of their families back home dampened the celebration. Some got to see their families through video chatting, but some were left without communication. Some, like Jim and Spock, didn’t have families to contact during the holidays. Neither of them showed it, but they missed what family they had.

You, on the other hand, had so much family that you had to ignore your PADD altogether. Messages from cousins, aunts, any relatives you could think of, were popping up left and right. Although you only kept in touch with your parents, your extended family seemed to think they were going to reconnect with you during your five year mission on the Enterprise.

You weren’t the only person your family was annoying. Doctor McCoy seemed to hate it too. And you could see why; most of the family were asking about your relationship with him. It wasn’t a secret that you two had been dating for almost two years, but your family still wanted to know all the little details about “that hunk of a doctor” you were seeing. He didn’t mind video chatting your parents earlier, since your mom had the same old southern soul that Bones did. He quite liked your parents.

Bones finished up some last minute reports that you had reminded him to do earlier while you sat on his lap with your (silenced) PADD in hand. You scrolled through the messages of distant relatives asking about your love life and your life aboard the Enterprise. You would get to them eventually and apologize for taking so long to respond. Right now, you had your eyes on a bottle of Saurian brandy that Bones took out for New Years Eve.

“Hey baby, how’s your reports?” You asked, peering over your shoulder at the side of his face.

Bones sighed, “almost fucking done.”

“Good, because we have 10 minutes to midnight and I need to get drunk fast.”

“Ten minutes?” Bones asked. He straightened his back and tensed up.

“Alright, darlin’, go to the bridge and I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“I can wait for you,” you insisted. He kissed your neck and forced you off his lap.

“No, no, go find Jim. I’m sure he’s already wasted. I just gotta get some things and I’ll be right there.”

Confused, you followed Bones’ instructions and went to find Jim. You had ten minutes to find him if he wasn’t already on the bridge and bring him back.
As you entered the turbolift, you were met with quite possibly the most smashed Jim you have ever seen.

“Heyyyy…. (y/n)… what’s up?” Jim giggled, stepping out of the turbolift and wrapping an arm around your shoulders. He had one big bottle of a clear liquid in his hand which you assumed was earth vodka.

“I’m bringing you back to the bridge, Jim.”

“Aww, is it because of Bones? He wanted me to be there for him tonight…somethin’ about a ring?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Jim, but you need to give me that bottle.”

You heaved him back into the turbolift and took the bottle from his hand. Instead of reprimanding him for it, you took a sip of what is definitely vodka. It burned down your throat but you were used to it by now. Being with Bones for two years gets you used to alcohol very quick. It didn’t hit you what Jim said; you were too focused on getting him back to the bridge.

“Hey!” Everyone shouted as you and Jim exited the turbolift. Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Scotty, and Spock were all standing around the bridge. Everyone had a drink in their hand, even Spock. It seemed to be a chocolate drink, which means he was intoxicated as well.

“Hey guys shhhh! Don’t let (y/n) know about Bones.” Jim ordered, and everyone nodded their heads. They were obviously too drunk to realize that you were there or that you knew what was going on.

You rolled your eyes. You didn’t know what they were talking about or what Bones was doing. You just wanted more alcohol and a place to sit. You pushed Jim off your shoulders and found a seat at the communications station, where you continued to drink from the bottle that you stole from Jim.

A few minutes later, at three minutes until midnight, Bones came in through the turbolift. He was out of breath, carrying his brandy in one hand.

“Here ya go,” he said, handing it to Jim and patting him on the shoulder.

“Hey darlin’, sorry I’m late.”

“Its alright,” you smiled, standing up. “Wanna sit?”

“Sure thing.” You sat on his lap again, offering him Jim’s bottle.

You leaned into him and relaxed, looking at the stars and very distant planets. This new year may not be with your relatives, but it is being spent with family. Albeit they are a very drunk family.

“Hey we’ve got a minute!” Jim shouted, looking at the timer he set up on one of the screens. You watched as it counted down from :59.

“(y/n), I love you.” Bones said. It warmed your heart every time you heard him say it. It didn’t matter that he told you that every chance he took, that feeling never wore off.

“I love you too.”

You felt him shuffle as he unwrapped one of his arms from around your waist. He placed it back after a few seconds. You thought it was just an itch.

“10…9…8…” The room started counting down. You shifted slightly to look at Bones as the timer reached 1.

“…1… Happy New Year!” The room shouted. You kissed Bones with a smile on your face. He held you there for a few seconds, but he pulled away.

“(Y/n), will you marry me?” He asked, holding a bright silver ring out.

You were shocked, and stayed silent for a few moments. The room got quiet as well, as if they were all waiting to hear your response. You felt your eyes start to water. You nodded your head since no words could come out.

“I love you, Bones.”
'New Years' Bones/Reader
I didn't proofread this because its 1a.m. but I hope its enough fluff to look over that.
im gonna blast a shit ton of works before school because i havent been able to write anything original lately and this will be good for me but i have 4 classes next semester (and i had them last semester thats why i didnt come back sooner) so i might not come back for a while but hopefully i can write a lot and kind of space them out

also im not going to write any more star trek ones involving chekov and i probably wont write any more sherlock ones because i haven't seen sherlock in forever

but yeet Im back sorry i type like a shitposter now
It's been so long! Enjoy!

Your wound was healing slowly, since you continued to stress your body with work. No one seemed to notice you were in pain, with the exception of Dr. McCoy, who would occasionally ask you how you’re feeling and if you needed to rest. He understood he wouldn’t be able to get you to stop working, just as he couldn’t get Jim to get his physical.

Three weeks after the attack, the crew was still dealing with the repercussions. The captain had docked the Enterprise at a Starbase. Engineering was constantly working, getting the ship back into shape as fast as possible. Medical staff was also still working on injured personnel. Although all the injuries had been taken care of, follow-ups and complications still had to be dealt with. This was the most stress your body had had in years.

The staff was working so much that your breaks and nights were as short as the medical supplies. You had less than half the usual time to eat and sleep. Commander Spock had become so busy that you would never see him in the halls or in the cafeteria anymore. You assumed since he was the second in command that he had an enormous amount of responsibility. Vulcans do have a superior anatomy, but you wondered how long he could go without rest.

“Alright,” Dr. McCoy started after rounding all the medical staff up, “We got next to no supplies left, and the next shipment doesn’t get here until next week. We’ve been holdin’ up pretty well but we’re gonna need to restrict the medicine even more.”

The nurses started whispering to one another; this speech had been given at least once a week since you docked. Crew members were getting angry when they were denied pain medication, but the nurses couldn’t do anything. You had to restrain someone for gripping a nurse’s wrist so hard it bruised when she was trying to walk away.

“We’ve got someone from security in here in case anyone tries anythin’. I need y’all to cooperate with me here. This’ll only be until next week.”

The crowd dispersed and you went back to doing your job. The security officer’s presence gave you a huge wave of relief. You knew you could defend yourself, but it was still comforting. There was also a small, crazy, irrational thought in the back of your head that you might have a mutiny. Then again, between Dr. McCoy, Jim, and Spock, they could shut that down almost immediately.

The flow of patients slowed down during the afternoon, which gave you a much needed chance to rest. Occasionally someone would come in with pain, or someone from Engineering would come in with an injury. You got up to help a crew member with a broken wrist when your comfort from the security guard melted away.

You didn’t think you’d have to deal with this on the Enterprise. The crew seemed to be carefully selected and under a diligent captain and first officer. Nevertheless, this security guard seemed to slip through all of that. You walked by him, intent on getting someone to help with a cast for the man with the broken wrist. You felt his hand hit your bottom with a sting and stopped your stride. In a flash, his body slammed onto the floor. You thought, rather hoped, you had heard some crunches.
“What the hell?” Dr. McCoy questioned. He had left his office after hearing the man fall.

“He slapped my ass,” you explained, a little harsher than you would have liked.

“Oh…well, I’ll tell the other nurses to leave him there. I’ll have someone come escort him out.”

Before you could respond to his statement, someone else chimed in.

“Doctor, I am well equipped to escort this man out of Med bay.”

Commander Spock was standing not far away, his face showing discontent for the man who was now stumbling to get up.

“Very well,” Dr. McCoy said, “Just make sure he’s reprimanded.”

“Do not worry.”

Commander Spock left with the man held in a tight grip. The embarrassment of knowing Commander Spock witnessed that crept up on you, but it did not stop you from getting back to work.

That evening, the crew was rewarded with a longer break period, which gave you a chance to have dinner without being rushed. The cafeteria was filled with crew members and the looming cloud that seemed to hang over the people had finally dissipated. You grabbed your tray and sought out a table that wasn’t completely full.

Your concentration prevented you from noticing that Commander Spock had come to walk by you. His voice broke your concentration.

“Greetings, I see you are having trouble finding a table. You are welcome to join us again.”

You gladly took up your offer, seeing as how you haven’t seen your “friend” since the attack. Once the two of you sat down, you could see the captain’s tired face and Dr. McCoy. You wondered how all of these men could be standing after the last three weeks. Everyone was on overdrive but these three had to do more than that.

Captain Kirk still had his normal attitude and definitely showed it when he spoke, “So Spock, I heard someone in the brig got beat up pretty bad today.”

“It would appear that way.”

“Weren’t you there too?”

“I was, Captain.”

Captain Kirk smirked, glancing over at you.

“Why was he there anyways?”

Commander Spock replied, “Sexual harassment.”

You wondered if it was the security guard from earlier, or if this kind of thing happens often on the Enterprise. It also struck you as odd that someone beat him up under Commander Spock’s watch. As the curiosity built up, you asked, “Who beat him up?”

With the slightest of hesitance only another Vulcan could catch, Commander Spock stated, “I did.”

It was more than a shock to you, and as you watched Dr. McCoy almost choke on his water, you knew you weren’t alone.

“Spock, why in the hell would you do that?”

“It seemed the right decision. I have also filed for his suspension and am in the process of arranging for his departure before the Enterprise leaves.”

It didn’t surprise you that Commander Spock was harsh on the guy, but this was way more than expected. You told him why you left the Challenger; that must have been the reason why.

After a heated conversation about monthly physicals between the three, and a few interjections by you, it was time for you to leave.

“I will walk with you,” Spock offered. You liked that he had such commitment to the friendship thing. The walks to your room were nice, especially since you weren’t running into people now. They all move out of the way for Commander Spock.

“Can I ask why you were in Med bay today?”

Spock was puzzled by the question but answered it like any other, “I had not had any time to complete check ups on the Doctor’s progress…Also, it would seem my body is not cooperating with my schedule. I have mild sleep deprivation, but I find it hard to sleep when I have adequate time.”

“Have you tried counting sheep?” You joked, looking up at him.

“Indeed, Jim suggested it to me. I have tried all the Terran remedies Jim could offer.”

“Well you’re Vulcan, not Terran. Does temperature help?”

“I have not tried adjusting my room’s thermostat. Thank you.”

“Also,” you thought, “sometimes it helps to have someone there with you.”

Even with Spock’s superior mind and body, he could not find a response to your suggestion. You couldn’t find a reason why you should have said that in the first place. Silence seemed to creep up and followed you the rest of the way to your room.

“I will take your suggestion into consideration,” he finally said. As you neared your door.
“Thank you for walking with me,” you said. As you got up to your door, you went to turn around and tripped over your own foot. You stumbled into Spock. He caught you with little effort.

“I’m so sorry,” you said, regaining balance and leaning away from him.

“There is no need for an apology.”


Spock’s eyebrow raised at your response. Your face was flushed as you wished Spock a goodnight.
im gonna blast a shit ton of works before school because i havent been able to write anything original lately and this will be good for me but i have 4 classes next semester (and i had them last semester thats why i didnt come back sooner) so i might not come back for a while but hopefully i can write a lot and kind of space them out

also im not going to write any more star trek ones involving chekov and i probably wont write any more sherlock ones because i haven't seen sherlock in forever

but yeet Im back sorry i type like a shitposter now


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Happy Birthday!!!!! :D

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Poplottie Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday, have an awesome day!! X3
SuperShaymin99 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I don't think that I ever commented on how much I love your username. XD
pharaohsthrone Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student General Artist
I sent an angel to watch over you last night, but it came back. I asked, "Why?" The angel said, "Angels don't watch over angels." Twenty one angels are IN your world. Ten of them are sleeping, ten of them are playing, one is reading this message. Send this to ten friends including me. I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies someone you love will quietly surprise you. Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain. Send this to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard Reply
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