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June 10, 2013
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    "I followed Mr. Braginski to his apartment. He saw me and attacked. I got away, but not without this," Sherlock pulled an expensive looking phone out of his back pocket and set it carefully on the table next to him. "This will be of use to me." You took the phone and examined it, twirling it around in your fingers. "This is his? It's locked. Did you try getting into it?" you questioned, giving him the phone.

    "At a certain number of tries, it will notify Moriarty. I have yet to figure out the number and password."

    "He wouldn't make it obvious, and probably not personal," after thinking for a few moments, you smiled, hearing the click in your head. "Try 1058, Sherlock."

    "Why?" You sighed and grasped the phone from his hands, careful not to drop it. You entered the numbers. A small noise, similar to when you unlock a door, was emitted from the phone and you jumped happily. "See? 1058." He gave you an interested and confused look, waiting for you to explain.

    "At 10:58 a.m. I was shot, my room number at the hospital was 105, on the eighth floor, no doubt Mr. Braginski's apartment number and floor had those numbers, too. I think Moriarty would definitely have enough power to set that up." The side of his lip barely quirked up into a smile, but you could tell he was proud of you.

    "Thank you, my dear," the detective stood, the chair creaking slightly as he did, and moved towards you. After placing a chaste kiss on your lips, he left for his room to investigate further into the assassin's phone.  

    Not more than two seconds later, your mobile rang in your pocket due to a text from John.

Lestrade called me since Sherlock didn't answer his fucking phone. There's been another murder. Can you and Sherlock make it down here soon? -JW
Here it is! Sorry I took so long, but anyways, I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading


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